Tom Barker



 Rates vary depending on the type of job and equipment required but if the job is straight forward and requires a single camera, my rates are as follows:

Cinematography Pre Production:-

£200 per 10hr day

Cinematography Shooting:-

£445 per 10hr day
OT @ 1.5x ph

RED Dragon 5k kit rental – £275 p/d

Colour Grading – £250 p/d

Mileage Charged at £0.45 p/m

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any more information or if you wish to get a quote.


Tom Barker - Cinematographer - 5K RED Dragon

The latest 5k camera from RED.

The RED Dragon 5k sensor gives the ability to capture:
5K 2.4:1 at 60 fps
4K 2.4:1 at 150 fps
2K 2.4:1 at 300 fps
All with REDCODE RAW (R3D format)

The camera can simultaneously capture options in both R3D and Avid DNxHR/HD or Apple ProRes file formats.

Kit includes:
RED Dragon 5k Brain
V-Lock I/O Expander
PL & EF Lens Mount
4 x Heavy Duty 150mwh Batteries
USB3 / E-SATA Minimag reader
Zacuto Z-FinderEVF Pro
Shoulder rig
Vinten Heavy duty Tripod
L-Bracket Portrait shooting mount
Samyang Cine Primes
( 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm )
LED Panel Lights

There isn’t a specific style that Tom has because he has, in my experience, been able to adapt… he’s like a sponge

Marc Price

Writer / Director

He doesn’t force his ideas down the directors throat… he will make suggestions…But even when it’s not done…(he will say) move on and try to get the shot in the best shot the way that you want to.

Shane Conarty

Writer / Director

Tom is visceral with his work, the style is developed throughout the film from conversations with the Director

Victor Mawer

Director / Screenwriter



Nightshooters – 2018 – Feature Film
Tomos Watkin Brewery – 2018 – Commercial
Dr Organics – 2018 – Commercial
Fifa18 DLC content – 2017 – 360 experience 
Swansea University Int dept – 2017 – Commercial
Crunchy Nut (Scheiffer Bates) – 2017 – Commercial
Bookee (Scheiffer Bates) – 2017 – Commercial
Last Empire-War Z (Julius Dein) – 2017 – Commercial
Acid Demons – 2016 – Feature Film
Attack of the Tree Beasts – 2017 – Feature Film
Urgent Assistance Required – 2016 – Short Film
Stones – 2016 – Short Film
Congaaaargh – 2016 – Short Film
Assisted – 2016 – Short Film
Viking Legacy – 2016 – Feature Film
Vaudevillians – 2015 – Feature Film

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